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VBS 18.2 Uninstall corruption of Windows 10

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  • VBS 18.2 Uninstall corruption of Windows 10

    Following a manual deployment of VBS 18.2 as per installation guide 1.4.1 we uninstalled using the uninstall program and every time Windows went into recovery mode on restart with no option to restore other than from an image or rebuild.

    Using Windows 10.

    Only workaround was to keep 18.2 on the system alongside 18.3 or manually delete the VBS 18.2 folder from the Program Folder and delete the associated shortcuts (Obviously this leaves registry and driver entries behind).

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    I tried the same thing on some 18.2 manual installs (that same method as in 1.4.1 in the Deployment Guide) on Win10 Enterprise Build 1809 systems and the VBS uninstaller worked OK for me I'm afraid, without any occurrence of the problems you encountered

    Dunno what could be different? What build of Win10 was it?