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  • Augment Intelligence within Discovery Machine Director

    Augment Intelligence within Discovery Machine AI Behavior Models with the Director

    Discovery Machine’s latest product enhancement is the Director. The Discovery Machine Director increases instructor efficiency throughout VBS2/3 training scenarios by providing a set of tools to monitor and control the training event. With this breakthrough technology, instructors can monitor details about entities in a simulation, direct their movement, and view alerts about their actions. These details allow for a higher degree of instructor awareness during training scenarios and an increased ability to augment the intelligence of Discovery Machine AI entities. Plus, the Director is included with the latest version of the Discovery Machine Behavior Modeling Console for VBS2/3.

    Monitor - The Director shows customized details about every Discovery Machine controlled entity in VBS2/3. Simply select an entity in the list and watch details about it update in real-time on the Director window. Details specific to Discovery Machine Behavior Models like individual mood level towards players, and threat levels; as well as VBS2/3 details like physical locations can be shown. Each item shown can be tailored to individual training needs so nearly anything is within the realm of possibility. If it can be calculated by VBS2/3 or inferred using Discovery Machine’s AI behavior models, it can be shown with the director.

    Augment - The Director is not limited to simply displaying information; it allows instructors to direct behavior as well. Instructors can actually enter values at run-time to augment the situation. Imagine if a trainee makes a mistake early in a scenario which will prevent them from receiving quality training. With the director, you can point out the flaw to the trainee, enter a few details in the Director, and in seconds let the trainee try again. All of this is possible without restarting the scenario in VBS2/3.
    Be Aware - Customizable alerts increase instructor awareness of the training scenario. The director monitors an individual color-coded status for each entity in VBS2/3. This status turns red (priority 1) if an entity requires immediate attention, yellow (priority 2) if an entity requires some attention, and green (priority 3) if an entity requires no attention. Individual Mission Alerts can also be displayed to draw attention in key situations. These alerts utilize the same color scheme as statuses and are displayed in the director window. Individual alerts can create pop-up messages for the situations instructors don’t want to miss.

    With the Discovery Machine Director, it is possible to dictate directions, augment situations, and alter the progress of training in VBS2/3 to meet emerging needs. Why restart a scenario for the unperceived circumstance? Direct the action and re-design scenarios in real-time with the Discovery Machine Director.
    Contact Discovery Machinemailto:[email protected] for more information.
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