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Vbs3 fires

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  • Vbs3 fires

    In the current version of VBS3 Fires the blast radius cannot seem to be set. We have gone through an FSCX and had to fire just using the VBS3 Artillery Strike menu in leiu of VBS3 Fires.
    Every time we fired using VBS3 Fires, everyone was killed to include the players in the mission.

    In short, is there an effective way to lower the blast radius in VBS3 Fires so a danger close mission, or any mission can be fired without destroying the blufor forces as well as the enemy?

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    Testing with one player in multiplayer, and VBS2 fires, version 3.9.2.

    See attached PDF on what I did to adjust blast radius. Seems to work OK, such as dropped a 155mm near a unit, using VBS Fires version 3.9.2, and unit suffered no effects. The adjustments that you see for damage, are just ones that I made up. All 1's (ones). As to what effects you get from each box, you'd have to test and see.

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      Steve, did you get an chance to check this out? Curious if it worked for you.



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        This may be OBE, but if you haven't already, look at adjusting your frag radius as well. in the VBS2 Fires Menu. under Firing Batteries. Changing the frag radius worked best for us in limiting damage in danger close situations.


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          I was able to get that to work.