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  • VBS3 UI Feedback

    BISim continues to seek customer feedback on the recently updated User Interface, introduced in VBS3 v18.1. Let us know what you think about the update. Take the survey at this link:
    We are in the process of rolling out an upgrade of the style of our user interface in the 18.1 release of vbs. This project is primarily a reskin of our product but does include some improvements to the layout and usability of the editor. We are very interested in getting feedback from our users. Please only take the survey after you have spent some time using the newly reskinned VBS3. Please fill out your email address so we can collect your feedback.

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    Do we have a timeline when version 18.1 will be out to the military for use?


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      Steve, in case BISIM doesn't shoot you an answer, looks like 18.3 sometime this winter for you. There is a milsuite /milbook posting, under MilGaming, titled "VBS3 18.3 and Licenses", Also alks about the change to VBS Fires that you'd be interested in.

      I know, kind of hijacks the main thread Headline.... sorry.