Recently spotted a bug concerning mentioned commands. If I place AI unit on the map, named, say, u1, then create a location and make it restricted for side of this u1 unit, consequtive deleting of u1 unit will produce weird result: visually unit is gone, but is not recognized as gone by the logic. It's not null, it's alive, position u1 still returns same coords. This outcome breaks my script, so the question is, is there any way to avoid this bug in 17.3? Below attached repro mission with described situation. Code:

sleep 1;

_loc = createLocation ["OutLineArea", [100,100,0], 10, 10];
_nul = _loc assignAsRestrictedArea civilian;
deleteVehicle u1;

sleep 2;

diag_log format ["[u1,typeOf u1,isNull u1,alive u1,position u1]: %1",[u1,typeOf u1,isNull u1,alive u1,position u1]];
RPT output:

10:54:01 Too many references while deleting Person - RefCounter: 2 (should be 1)
10:54:03 "[u1,typeOf u1,isNull u1,alive u1,position u1]: [u1,"vbs2_iq_civ_manelder_02",false,true,[2545.81201171875,2592.85009765625,0.00143903096089 382]]"

Now, if we //disable line: _nul = _loc assignAsRestrictedArea civilian; or change "civilian" for eg. "west", output is:

10:59:29 "[u1,typeOf u1,isNull u1,alive u1,position u1]: [any,string,bool,bool,array]"

(the u1 var now is nil).

Meanwhile for analogous scenario run in 3.4.3 VBS3 version, RPT output is:

11:05:37 Too many references while deleting Person - RefCounter: 2 (should be 1)
11:05:39 "[u1,typeOf u1,isNull u1,alive u1,position u1]: [any,string,bool,bool,array,true]"

So despite log 11:05:37 deletion goes properly, unlike 17.3 test.
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