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Vbs radio

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  • Vbs radio

    The current in game VBS Radio is not meeting our current needs. You can change freqs but the freqs do not remain. Can also change channel names and colors. We need to be able to build a commo plan that has for instance BN CMD - BN FIRES - PSG - PLT LDR - CDR..... When listed under Blufor everyone talk to everyone which just bogs down the entire net.
    Are we missing something or is this all the radio can currently do?

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    I guess that you need the Pro version to be able to do that.


    "The VBS Radio Pro version is available for purchase as an add-on to VBS3 and offers unlimited channels and allows configuration of radio network presets, enabling users to customize channel names, colors, icons and enable saving and loading of networks per mission. VBS Radio Pro also features distance-based degradation that can also be influenced by weather effects in the simulation and provides support for sidetone playback."

    Per Klembo
    Per Klembo
    Danish Army Simulation Center


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      Agreed. We ran into the same issue and unfortunately came to the same conclusion. One partial workaround is that a new radio channel is created for groups. For example, if you group a squad together while building a scenario, they will all have a separate group radio channel in addition to the BLUFOR channel that the Platoon leader can talk on. The issue of course is that the Platoon Leader won't be able to listen in or talk on the squad's group channel unless he is a part of the group, and individual units can only be a part of one group at a time.