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Key changes between VBS3 3.4.3 and 17.3

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  • Key changes between VBS3 3.4.3 and 17.3

    Hi. What are or where I could find changes between said versions of VBS3 (3.4.3 to 17.3.x/newest)? Especially the key ones/major. We try to assess, which version will be best for our needs.
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    Hello Rydygier,

    We have a newsletter archive on our website which can be found on the main page towards the bottom. The newsletters highlight the major changes for the different release versions and should provide a good overview of these changes. For any further information, I recommend contacting your Business Developer who can assist you further. If you do not already have contact information for them, please email [email protected].

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    Ryan Garich
    Senior Support Specialist
    Bohemia Interactive Simulations
    [email protected]