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Sound not working for "say" scripting command - 3.9.2

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  • Sound not working for "say" scripting command - 3.9.2

    I have missions that utilize the "say" command for soldiers to speak. In version 3.7 it worked fine - the .ogg and associated .lip files were used, and when scripting a soldier to say the sounds, they would do so. I have installed 3.9.2, and this no longer works with the same missions. Is there a different way to do this now?

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    Hello Jeffrey,

    I took a look at the 'say' command but did not encounter your issue. I would recommend taking a look at how your CfgSounds is set up. The script I used to test is the following.

    player say "m11v02";
    If you have any further issues, please email us at and we can assist further.


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      Hi Ryan, thanks for the reply. I'm using the same script command, soldier1_1 say ["sound2",1,1]; I'm using a description.ext file for the CfgSounds setup. I'm attaching a txt file for that (sorry if the formatting is jacked up, it opens organized in Notepad++, but not in normal notepad). This setup works fine in 3.7 and below, so I am not sure what to do differently, assuming the config is the issue?
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