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Introduction to The Riverside Company

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  • Introduction to The Riverside Company

    Hi everyone, today we released some important news about The Riverside Company investing in BISim: ... investment

    This is really good news for BISim, and provides a strong foundation for future growth. The Riverside Company is a very well respected and highly successful private equity firm, and we are proud to have them as our new partner.

    As per our press release, the management of BISim stays almost the same into 2013. There will be new faces added over the next few months as we strive to improve the services we provide to you, and of course we appreciate your ongoing support.

    Welcome to the New Year, and Cheers from all of us at BISim!

    (Feel free to ask questions related to this news, either here in this topic or sent to me as a private message.)
    Co-CEO BISim