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Where did my forums go?

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  • Where did my forums go?

    We have completed an initial phase of changes to the forums to better organize information. In this change some permissions were adjusted. This might mean you cannot access the same forums are you once did. If you find you cannot access a particular area that you once had access to, please use this form to submit the information to support. In the message field please indicate the adjustment that needs to be made. The support team will readily adjust your access rights.

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    Good morning,

    This just re-routes me to the bisimulations home page. Also, I had to change my username, because I could not change my old username or password. Lastly, have you finished your old VBS3 posts importation? I see that I am missing a topic that I am still interested in an answer to.

    Thank you,



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      Also, I sent a couple of messages to other members....but nothing appears in my "sent" box....


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        Purg, I had the same issue with logging in and resetting my password the first day they changed over, but I was able to successfully reset my password recently, so you might give it another go.

        I too am missing topics still though, primarily the VBS2 2.x and VBS3 sections. Don't know if the intent is to merge all of the version forums into one, but right now the only one I see is VBS2 1.x


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          Okay, so its not just me. Will wait for the rest to populate...


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            Same here. It gives me an error but it posts anyway.


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              I emailed BIS the other day as I was unable also to change my password or login. They have fixed the issue (for me anyway). I haven't had any double post or missing ones that I have seen so far.


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                And even once you're back on the forums... I'm finding that when I go into messages to view them, its now not ever marking any of them as read? (Chrome Version 41.0.2272.89 m).

                Nor does the 'Mark Channel as read' button seem to do anything.

                Also : it doesn't seem to be possible to set icons/logos any more? Everyone has that default head and shoulders grey bitmap.



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                  Hello All,

                  I'm sorry to hear you're all experiencing issues with the new forum format. If you could, please submit a Support Request ticket at we will get your accounts up and running as soon as possible.

                  Please be sure to include as many details as possible in the initial support request. Any issues you can bring to our attention is much appreciated.

                  Thanks for your patience!

                  VBS2 and VBS3 Support
                  Bohemia Interactive Simulations

                  [email protected]


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                    SO is there still a VBS2 v 2.X portion to the forum and a VBS3 sections? See the question Zack asked above. I did not see a response to his question which is mine too!


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                      Hello robert.munsey, and all others affected by this issue.

                      Our apologies for not following up on this issue sooner. As part of the forum migration, permissions for the US Army user group were not correctly applied and as a result, the VBS 2.x and 3.x forums were not displaying as they should have been.

                      This issue should now have been fixed; If those affected or anyone else does not see forums they are expecting to be able to see, please let BISimulations support know by emailing [email protected] or by visiting

                      Thank you for your patience on this matter.

                      The BISimulations Forum Moderator Team