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    BISim is keen to propose and provide an industry face for academic student projects. The list of topics is always evolving and we do not wish to be too prescriptive as we are very open to suggestions but below is our latest list:

    Technology Challenges - Including but not limited to, and either internal to, or federated with VBS:
    * Artificial Intelligence People Crowds, Individuals, etc
    * Artificial Intelligence - Platforms/Equipment
    * Physics Ballistics, Fluids, Collisions, Flight Modelling, Shock * * * Modelling
    * Large Scale Terrain
    * Visualisation and Sound
    * Computational Efficiency
    * Hardware/Software Interoperability
    * The Control and Ease of Use of Simulation
    * Mobile use of simulation across multiple devices

    Application Challenges, seeking alternative uses of VBS, eg.
    * Health and Care
    * General Training and Education
    * Engineering
    * Heritage Projects
    * Robotics/Autonomous Systems
    * Internet of Things

    Linking VBS to the Physical World; Human Interfaces, Sensors, etc. eg.
    * Augmented Reality
    * Oculus Rift etc
    * Muse
    * etc.

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    I'm a grad student working on a VBS3 project (for stereoscopic 3d open world tactical and strategic simulation) in a world-class, cutting-edge CAVE2 facility. At my disposal I have an 84 million pixel HD display array in the form of 80 screens (4 x 20 HD 3d screens) set up in 320 degree arc 10 meters in diameter, running VBSIG on a server cluster that gives me 4TB of RAM, 240GB graphics memory, 100 teraflops compute processing power, 22.2 channel audio and full OSVR compatible IR motion capture in the 10 meter space.

    I'm very interested in what I might be able to do with some of our novel large-scale geo-mapping, meshing and texturing solutions, and would really like to know more about TerraSim/VBS Blue as my research project has already spawned a couple of rather exciting HCI sub-projects. My own interdisciplinary research is moving on well and I would especially like BISIM to have a better understanding of just what it is I'm doing, see what my research group has achieved, and to participate in what our various project's immediate future directions become.

    My research platform, the Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform is quite new, with relatively little prior exposure to defense related projects. We have strong industry linkages in IT and Engineering fields and their related sub-disciplines, with very strong support from senior faculty, platform staff and a highly agile dev team to call on. As a former soldier, coming late in life to academia, I bring experienced eyes and a pragmatic approach to the work at hand and I have (until now) been I have been virtually flying solo on what is now proving to be a very fruitful new area for industry engagement.

    My research touches on nearly all of the areas listed off above, but is for the moment primarily focused on 3 particular areas, Human-Autonomy Teaming in Man-Machine Combat Teams, Humanitarian Assistance-Disaster Relief operations, and Cultural Heritage Protection/Preservation. While we also support AR/MR/VR platforms including Oculus Rift and HTC Vive linked into our simulations (including telepresence and mobile cross-platform simulation), my research falls into the Hybrid AR/MR space and eliminates the inherent problems with head-mounted VR for dismounted infantry simulations .

    The choice of Hybrid MR in an open space required a novel approach (and solution ) to the "in-simulation" motion-control, proprioception, and OHS "situational awareness" problems along the way and I've now reached an inflection point in my project that suggests it's an appropriate time to start raising a more active dialogue with BISIM. I'd be happy to be contacted by anyone interested at BISIM and hope that this post doesn't get subsumed by other more active parts of the forum. Thanks to all for approving my participation in this forum and greater thanks for all the support from BISIM thus far.